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At Framing House, we have a great team of experts who can provide Charcoal painting in New Delhi. This painting is done by master craftsmen by making use of best quality painting colors and advance tools. This is best for decoration or any other purpose.

The charcoal sketches Delhi check the paintings to provide the best range from our side. The Charcoal paintings can be procured at reasonable rates. Charcoal is a wonderful drawing tool utilized by artists for making different sketches. It is used for rough sketches to make the final painting by artists.

The charcoal is prepared from burning sticks of wood in soft, medium and brittle categories. Bamboo charcoal is the best tool in charcoal drawing art.

The compressed charcoal is a powder blended with gum binder. It is compressed into round and square sticks.

When the artists draw the toned areas by making use of charcoal, it can become dark. However, it can be light in case the artists wishes. There is a difference between pencil and charcoal as a drawing tool.

The vial difference between the pencil and charcoal is that charcoal make a line which is dark and can be spread with utmost ease. The charcoal painting artists utilize the natural and artificial charcoal as the drawing media. Natural charcoal is a portion of wooden charcoal and its aspects suit as a great drawing.

Charcoal Drawing

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