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If you are looking for premium quality Oil painting Portraits on Canvas or Paper for gifting for decoration purposes then you landed on right website.

We at framing house are group of experienced professional oil painting portrait artists and Painters in Delhi offering high quality oil paintings portraits , custom oil painting from photo , hand painted portraits from photos and picture to canvas painting services at discount pricing .

Not only we provide Canvas artwork we do complete stretching and Framing along so that its ready to be gifted or hanged .

Portraits can make wonderful gifts for family or friends. Because they are versatile and can be quite personal if the sketch is of their family home or perhaps a favored or sentimental vehicle , Pet or item. Portrait painting in oil and acrylic have often been used as gifts in Birthdays , anniversary , House Inaugurations, Wedding couple gifting or any other special occasion like New Born portraits , Valentine or Festival Gifting. Oil Painting Portraits are also used as presentations by community organizations, Corp-orates and groups to their members

We can offer custom size Oil Painting Portraits but below are regular sizes

Most work is sized at approx. 12" x 16" (31cm x 41cm) , 10" x 20" (26cm x 51cm) , 16" x 20" (41cm x 51cm) and larger pieces at 20"x30"(51cm x 80cm)

Create a Personal Masterpiece.

Our clients are closely involved at every step—from the initial planning meeting in your home or office, to the choice of setting, to where the portrait will hang. We are there to guide you through that process and to ensure your delight in the experience and complete satisfaction. The setting is up to you—from spectacular gardens to seascapes and everything in between. We are happy to suggest scenic locations or will travel to any destination that is deeply meaningful to you.

Once the images have been captured, we come again to your home or office and project the portrait on the wall—precisely where you plan to display it—at the final size. And when your portrait is ready, we will personally deliver and hang it for you.

We Are Your Premier Portrait Studio.

Since 1996, Framing House has created elegant, signature portraits for families throughout the region. Combining breathtaking photography, fine art composition and custom finishes, these are portraits that your loved ones will treasure for generations to come. Our portraits capture the unique essence and personalities of those most important to you and preserve them as timeless art that will add great warmth and vitality to your home or office.

Preserve the memories.

If you feel that time is passing rather quickly, call us today for a no-obligation, free gallery consultation. We look forward to meeting your family. Be sure to ask about our Client for Life and Referral Club programs.

Where does the time go?

We get up each day, go to work, run errands, eat dinner, and fall into bed each evening. Before we know it, another day passes, another year, then another five. Children grow up, go off to college, and move away from home. It seems to happen in the blink of an eye.

Stop time in it’s tracks.

Capture your family’s spirit and preserve those memories with a custom designed family portrait—the gift of a lifetime.

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