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No doubt that there are faster and very convenient ways available these days for communication. For example internet, television, telephone, mobile phone, radio, fax and others but there are still some traditional ways considered very important for people to lead them. Brochures are also one among them.

Definition of brochure:

"A brochure is like a small leaflet; pamphlet or map produced by the company to describe the promotion (new happening take places at the existing place), goods formation and variety of facilities available at that place and also provide all the necessary information to understand".

There are some certain place that uses the brochure like this frequently i.e. public museums, newly launching places, hotels, restaurants and different resort places etc. Those pamphlets provide great help in understating the product in a very convenient way and not only to the newly visiting people but also the old ones. By pointing out towards some place these brochures help the owner of different kinds of business men to let their product or services know the people. There are some brochures placed in the clinics, hospitals and at other health services providing places advising their patients to according to their health concerns. So, they can be delivered after meeting the client or consulting with their patient.

Different Kinds of brochures:

There are different kinds of brochures designed by the different companies. This the step for a business man to publish his or her business in the market. No doubt he/she uses business cards, internet advertisement through their website and through newspaper. It is a necessary step for the development in any business. But brochure making can also increase the business clientage at a large scale because it doesn't require sparing so much time to read or a large place to keep in. some kinds of famous brochures are as given in this article.

1. Postcards:

Postcards are often used for short and comprehensive conversation. They are very popular among the people because they don't require much place to cover and you can convey you message in a very nice way. They have been used almost in all over the world. People often use these cards at different occasions like Valentine's Day, Christmas day, Easter, at mother day and at many occasions like that. They are the best way to convey the message.

2. Flat sheets:

This kind of brochures is wide and containing on flat paper (a standard sized paper). People who have small business like common shopkeepers, medical centers and others do not use this. But the people who want to get a big show on the brochure like this. They find a good place to provide all the information about their business. But there is one thing that they should keep in mind that if they get enough room on the paper but do not put too much information about their product on the paper. In this way customer feel very boring and avoid reading at last that kind of brochures loss their importance before they reach to the public at a large scale. So, give them some necessary and sufficient information to get you back. It doesn't matter that they are bigger than the regular brochures.

3. Folded brochures:

Other kind of very decent and cheap brochures are folded brochures. They provide more room than the postcard and offer more decent shape as compare with flat sheets if they are also equal to the flat sheets in size. Visiting persons like to carry them because they are more handy and easy to put in the pocket. Often companies try to keep their cover very decent and colorful to convince the customer to read them. Restaurants, some great departmental stores and doctors order the companies to design such kind of brochures along with a clean cover that have the ability to encourage customer to read them with interest.

4. Three or four sided brochures:

Three or four sided brochures are other kinds of brochure that are used to put large information on them. To create such brochure is not easy for an unprofessional person so try to contact a perfect graphic designer who can manage it in a proper way. If you have a business at a very big scale and also want a brochure for you then don't worry. Four sided brochure is specially made for this purpose. This is a type of flat paper on which you can get your all product information printed very easily. Because it has four sections on it and there is more room for your different products and you can create different section on it. Display your important message and logo of the company on that place of the brochure from where you customer can read it very easily. Because it is not easy for a busy person to read all information inside the brochure so convey your message comprehensively and along with keep all the pictures, fonts and other designing of it matching to your company. Keep the brochure designing very competitive and perfect so that it can increase your clientage and your customer can picks all the idea in one sight.

Multi pages brochures:

These types of brochures are often used by the newly introduced companied, show rooms, boutiques, parlors and very big departmental stores. They have very big room inside them to put all and every information about the product and services they provide. The purpose of "multi pages brochures" is also to show the client a clear concept of the services, there prices and timings also. Through pictures and graphics they make easy to understand all the aspects in a very convenient way. Shops and stores keep these brochures inside their shop and whenever their customer visits the shop they take the brochures with them and get back to them when they need their services.

So, there are some tips that you should keep in mind when you are going to get printed your brochures from some company. 1: Put a brief history of your company that can describe it very nicely and let it introduce to client. 2: Put contact information including fax, email, phone and social media if possible so that customer can contact you in a very convenient way.

Ways to use brochures to promote your business

Once you have downloaded your brochures templates, designed your brochures, had them printed by a reputable brochure printing service, and received your professionally printed brochures, what can you do with them to promote your products and services? There are lots of uses for brochures, including but not limited to the following:

Brochures are used to sell or otherwise provide information about a particular product or service. Many times, companies that have booths set up at trade shows will hand out brochures with information about the products and services they are promoting at the trade show.

If you have a retail business, you can use brochures to promote certain products, or sales you may be having. Sometimes, a coupon or coupons can be printed on a brochure as a way to promote the sale of something. It's almost always a good idea to have several different brochures distributed around your store or in the reception area of your business where people can easily take some with them for future reference.

If there are no laws or regulations prohibiting it, brochures can be placed under the windshield wipers of cars at large events like sports events, fairs or concerts. This is an especially inexpensive and effective way to get your messages into the hands of people who would be interested in your products and services. The owner of a sporting goods store put brochures that advertised a big blowout sale under the windshield wipers of every car parked in the parking lot of a big softball tournament. His sales for that weekend were triple what they normally would be. Printing brochures turned out to be a big boost to his business!

Again, it's important to note that a colorful, well-designed brochure, printed by a reputable discount printing company will always perform better than a cheap, dull, flimsy brochure that you would print on an office printer. Using a brochure template will also help, especially if the template has a coupon code or promo code that will give you a nice discount.

Why are paper choice, color, and printing quality important for brochure printing?

Brochures are an excellent way to promote a product or service. A high-quality brochure, with outstanding graphic design, compelling content, and strong call to action will maximize your chances of success. Conversely, a brochure printed in black and white, on cheap and flimsy paper, with a boring design will likely find its way directly into the trash can!

Your choice of paper is one of the most important decisions you can make when dealing with a brochure printing service. Paper choice has impacts in many different areas, such as the cost of your project, how it will look and perform, and what level of environmental impact your brochure printing project will have. There are many, many online printing services, including many that are discount printing services. However, very few online printers are using green printing methods, and even fewer are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. If you are trying to minimize your environmental impact, be sure to use a discount printing company that can print your brochures on FSC-certified, recycled content paper.

Don't be fooled by online printing companies that make false claims about their FSC certification. They are trying to “green wash” you, and you should not let them get away with it. Ask them to provide you with their FSC certification number; if they can't, take your business elsewhere.

If you are like most people, you are looking for the best possible brochure printing services at the lowest cost. Savvy print buyers will look for an online printing company that offers quality sheet-fed offset printing, as well as digital printing. Companies offering both methods will provide the highest level of flexibility, which will allow them to offer their discount printing services at the most cost-effective price points for the exact quantities you need.

Here is an example of discount pricing for commercial quality full color printing. Note that all the paper choices are FSC-certified, and have recycled paper content.

Your paper choices will also impact the way your brochure will perform as a marketing tool. It may not be a good idea to print your brochures on a stiff, heavy paper if they are going to be used as handbills that will be stuck and stapled to any number of things, like telephone poles, or if they may eventually need to folded. By the same token, if your brochures are going to be handled frequently, or you want them to have a long shelf life, you may want to use a heavier paper. In any event, don't ever use a cheap, flimsy paper like you would find in an office printer. That's a dead giveaway of cheapness that will reflect poorly on your organization.

Speaking of office printers, it may be tempting to just print your brochures on your office printer to save money. This is not a good idea. Brochures that are printed on office printers actually cost more to print per page than brochures that are purchased from a reputable online discount printing service, because of the high cost of consumer ink and toner. They also don't look very god, as office printers have poor color reproduction, and a limited selection of papers (usually cheap and flimsy paper, or expensive photo paper) that can run through them.

The absolute best color quality is achieved though full color offset printing, or digital printing service. Look for a company that offers both technologies. Sharp, accurate color photos, and precise match to logo and corporate identity color standards will give your organization a professional look, and consistent branding. Cheap printing doesn't have to look cheap. Follow this link to see cheap printing prices for top-quality, professional brochure printing services.

History of brochure printing

Back about 450 years ago, when movable type presses were first invented, printing was a rare and expensive luxury that was limited to the printing of bibles and textbooks. Eventually, as printing became more widespread, and cost-effective, people began to print things like newspapers and other publications. It was not until the 1800's that printing became an economical method for advertising products and services.

During the 1900's, using printing as way to promote products and services became more widespread. Printing presses were accessible to ordinary people, and the 20th century also saw the rapid rise of newspaper and magazine publishing.

About this time, businesses began to use brochure printing as a way to promote their products and services. Commercial printing services were created to meet the increasing need for business printing. Black ink on plain paper was the only option, but it was better than anything else available. Even discount printing was still very costly, and not every business could justify it.

With the wide adoption of offset printing in the 1950's and 1960's, costs came down even more, and choices in ink color and paper became wider. Full color printing, while still expensive, became more commonplace, and the quality of offset reproduction was better than letterpress. Now businesses could produce full color brochures that would really promote their products and services in an attention-getting way!

Desktop publishing became widespread in the 1980's with the advent of the PC, and graphic arts software, like PageMaker, Quark Xpress, and Adobe InDesign made it possible for non-professionals to design and print professional-looking items. Just about anyone with a computer could design and print their own brochures, and it was now possible to use brochure templates to assist people in the proper execution of their brochure projects.

Today, brochure printing is more popular than ever. Despite the advent of the internet and email, people still use business printing services to provide them with professional quality full color brochures. There's nothing quite like a crisp, colorful, well-designed brochure printed on a high quality recycled paper to promote your products and services. As a wise man recently said, "Email is the beer of marketing communication, but printing is the wine." In a world of increasing electronic noise, printing is still the best way to cut through the SPAM, and get your messages into the hands of decision-makers.

Should I use brochures or email?

Pros of email

  • Lowest cost
  • Speed
  • Flexibility

Cons of email

  • Easy to delete
  • SPAM filtering
  • Short "shelf life"

Pros of brochures

  • Low cost
  • Difficult to "delete"
  • No SPAM filtering
  • Long "shelf life"
  • Tangible, can be picked up and taken along

Cons of brochures

  • Higher cost of mail delivery (snail mail)

So, if we compare the pros and cons, we can see that for every con of email, brochures have a pro, and vice-versa. Using a mailing service can often offset the cost of mailing brochures yourself. In an ideal marketing world, a good marketing campaign would combine the best of both email and brochure printing. Look for an online discount printing company that can offer you both.

Email and brochures complement each other. When you really want to cut through the distractions of throw-away marketing messages in today's fast-paced world, partner with a brochure printing service that will give you the maximum value for your marketing dollar. Get cheap printing that doesn't look cheap, and combine your brochure printing service with email or other online marketing channels to maximize the performance of your next marketing campaign.

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