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Our designers prepare such 3D wallpapers that look elegant on the wall. Our wallpapers comprise of unique 3D designs. They are printed in modern style. Our 3D wallpapers have special effects and they are placed as background wallpaper for desktops, android phones, tablets etc.

The beautiful 3D murals are also placed in bedroom. Our company comprises of expert graphic designers who use special graphical techniques and visuals to prepare wallpapers. Our wallpapers usually comprise of texts and objects. These are usually high resolution pictures with different types of designs and patterns such as food, abstract, art, motorcycles, games etc.

3d wallpapers patterns and designs
These wallpapers designed by our experts that are placed on the walls and murals and these pictures have special effects such as shadow, strike etc. We use some special themes such as fine art, fantasy, brick wallpaper, kids wallpaper, landscape wallpaper etc. Many papers comprise of designs of animal print, floral, galaxy, kids etc.

We provide 3d wallpaper printing Delhi that deals with different 3d wallpapers of various patterns and designs. Our 3d customized wallpapers are prepared according to the specifications of the customers. The fixed size wallpapers are measured with standard size and are available in rolls.

These are available in various geometrical designs and floral patterns also. They are available in custom designs also with us and comprise of art canvas prints.

3d wallpapers online

People can buy different types of 3d wallpapers for walls online from our website and the user can select the size, colors and patterns. Our 3d wallpaper manufacturers in India also recommend some of the easy installation methods to install it easily. Eight steps should be followed for wallpaper installation.
1. The old wall coverings and flaking points should be removed from the walls. The defects should be repaired from the surface of the wall. The defects should be removed and the holes should be filled. The patching plaster should be made smooth by using sandpapers.
2. The surface should be made smooth and dry and it should be cleaned with a dampened cloth. The mild detergent should be used to remove the greasy materials or to remove the patches. The picture hooks should be removed and the light fixtures also should be removed from the wall.
3. The walls and murals comprise of wallpapers of three different materials with us. The materials that we provide are eco-friendly and everlasting.
4. The PVC free environ paper is dry gummed eco-friendly paper that requires just water to use the glue and paste it. This product can be installed and removed easily. It is environmentally friendly and most popular with our customers.
5. The non-tearable stickon matt vinyl is required for just peeling the protective layer and pasting it.
6. The brush-strokes that are textured with non-tearable wallpapers require wallpaper glues that should be pasted.
7. The wallpapers should be spread on the floor and the product design and size also should be ordered. The wallpaper should be rolled and the rolled print should be dipped. Then if it is a non-tearable stricken mat, then the wallpaper glue should be applied on the backside of the wall.
8. The wallpaper should be smoothened using the sponge. The bubbles and ripples should be then leveled. Then it should be carefully trimmed. 

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