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We provide PVC flooring to the homes and offices. The surfaces of the floors always remain smooth and they appear lucrative even after years. PVC also known as Poly Vinyl Chloride substance is concrete in nature and can change the texture of the floors. It is a synthetic compound that is made from plastic and is a mixture of hydrogen, chloride and carbon.

We install PVC floorings because it is 100% recyclable. We manufacture such substance using maximum natural resources and we specifically do not require any kind of plants. Such floorings are always flame and moisture resistant. So, also it adds a layer of fire protection to the homes. `We manufacture the tiles using solid and durable materials and hence the tiles that we install remain intact for years. Wallpaperprinting installs and supplies PVC tiles and interlocking panels that is durable and water-resistant.

Our vinyl flooring online shopping India is also engaged in providing repair services whenever the tiles or panels crack. The PVC vinyl flooring that we provide are highly customizable, water-resistant and are highly durable. Many people prefer our flooring services because our vinyl flooring rates are utmost reasonable and we provide tiles or panels that are made from durable substances. So, far we have provided services to hospitals, schools, offices, homes etc. They provide two types of PVC floor coverings services namely flexible and rigid.

Our products of vinyl flooring roll are tested and they comprise of blended composition of thermo plaster binder, pigments and fillers. They are made from mainly two substances named vinyl chloride polymer and vinyl chloride polymer. These substances are compounded from stabilizers and plasticizers. The formation is thick and is highly tolerable. They are used for residential, healthcare, industrial and commercial uses. 

Being the best PVC flooring dealers in Delhi, we provide services to different places in the homes. In the bathroom, PVC tiles are installed because they are anti-slippery. In places such as kitchen or living room, printed flooring is done. They are laminated with three layers of PVC. This type of flooring is popular due to its low viability. The cost of replacement is lower, while it can be installed easily. When the floors or panels are extensively cracked or damaged, then we normally replace the tiles.
The art floors can be easily installed and they require minimum maintenance. The surfaces become smoother and they provide periodic cleaning services. The floor usually does not get dirty or dusty easily because the substance is tested. The substance also comprise of substances to repel dirt or dusty particles.

Many people prefer PVC wood flooring services because the surface of the wood always remains smoother.  The product that we provide is highly popular for residential applications. People commonly install PVC flooring to their homes than ceramic tiles or wood floors because it is durable and provides environmental protection. The cost of maintenance is lower and also the dusty or dirty particles can be cleaned easily. We provide services to different types of floors such as rigid floors, semi-rigid floors or even flexible and hard floors.


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