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For those who collect and display movie posters and other promotional posters, poster frames can go a long way to ensuring that your posters are not damaged from people walking by them as well as environmental dust and debris. This is especially important if you have vintage posters that are worth significant amounts of money. Posters wear down very quickly when taped or hung to the walls. By putting them in poster frames, you can avoid any damage to the poster without any hassle.

Poster frames are typically made of metal or plastic with a plastic panel protecting the poster. The poster rests on a backing that fits to the frame, which can then be hung up on the wall. In many cases, plastic is the preferred covering for poster frames due to the fact that large frames can become extremely heavy. As a thin sheet of durable plastic weighs much less than glass and is much more resistant to shattering, manufacturers usually use this material. In addition to this, plastic is much easier to produce in large sheets, which lowers the cost of these frames by a notable margin.

However, if you own a particularly valuable poster, you may wish to go with the more expensive glass paneled poster frames. This is due to the fact that some plastics slightly decay over time and can leave residues on posters. This residue is not significant, but it may be worth the investment if you have valuable posters. Glass poster frames also show better and are typically more resistant to dirt and staining. Like plastic, however, glass poster frames can cloud over long periods of time, especially if efforts are not made to keep the glass surfaces free of dirt and dust.

Once you have installed your poster frames, you will want to make certain you maintain the frames. Take your posters off of the wall at least once or twice a year and give the frame a good cleaning, both front and back. Many gentle home cleaners can be used for the frame. For the plastic or glass panel, many glass cleaners can be used. If you have a particularly valuable poster, you may wish to remove the poster and clean the inside of the poster frame as well, just to prevent dust buildup from accumulating on the poster or interior of the pane.

Poster mounting is another task in which we specialize. We can mount poster on hardboard or sun board .

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