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For those of you who enjoy taking photographs but do not have the space to have one hundred different frames scattered on every surface of your home, collage frames may be the solution to your problem. These frames allow you to display more than one photograph through divided sections built into the frame. There are collage frames for those with small amounts of space, as well as large branching frames designed to hang on the wall. As there are so many different collage frames available on the market, you will need to consider which type of frame will best suit your needs.

The first thing to consider is the type of decor that you have. Those with a lot of wall space and large rooms may find branching collage frames the best choice. These frames take up a significant portion of wall space and can turn bare walls into a montage of photography that illustrates your life. Often, branching collage frames become a central part of a room as a conversation starter and accent piece.

For those who do not have a lot of wall space but do have shelving units, there are more compact collage frames that are designed for small photographs. Wallet sized photographs are often used with this style of frame, and typically display photographs of family and friends. Using smaller photographs in compact collage frames can add an accent to a room without taking a great deal of space.

No matter what size or style of collage frames you choose, it is important that you take the time to maintain the frames. No matter what material they are crafted from, collage frames need to be cleaned so that the glass remains unclouded and the frame itself remains in good condition. Over time, a buildup of dirt and dust can cause cleaning problems with frames. As some frames, especially those crafted of exotic woods, cannot withstand cleaning agents, you need to keep them wiped off with a clean towel or duster.

Over time, glass may age and become cloudy. If this happens, you may need to replace the glass panels in your collage frames. This is a simple chore that only requires a sheet of glass the correct size, glass markers and a glass cutter. If you are not comfortable cutting glass on your own, you can acquire the glass panels for most frames from framing companies. Custom framing businesses will often carry glass sheets of unusual sizes if you need a specialized shape of glass for your frame.

Collages are the best means of restoring old memories. And we at Framing House help you to restore those memories.

We have different solutions for Collage framing. We can have Collage on mount board cutting . Frames for printed photographs and multi frame collage.

Collage on mount board cutting

We uses very high quality 100mm thick mount Board also expertise in taper cutting. So all our Collage are very high quality and looks very beautiful .

We also do custom Collage framing of photo studio pictures like below

If you are looking for multi frame Collage we are also specialized in doing so

So if you are looking for Commercial Collage for your Hotel, restaurants we offer excellent solutions like below designs

We are specialized as framing experts when it comes to design Collage layout for your restaurants , Hotel , Resort lobby etc.

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