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How to Choose the Right Picture Frame ?

How to pick a picture-perfect picture frame ?

If you have a special photo, piece of artwork or memorabilia that you want to take pride of place in your home, getting it framed will help your picture stand out.

The options are endless but figuring out what shape, colour and style will really make the piece come to life can be tricky, especially if you are in a hurry.

Here are four things to keep in mind when choosing a picture frame:

1. Location, location, location

Picking a frame's style and size depends on where you want to hang or place the item. For example, if it's for the formal living room, depending on the size of the room, a large picture frame on a clear wall will look amazing. But if it's for your child's bedroom a small cluster of picture frames may be better option.

Tip: Choose colours that enhance not detract from what you are framing.

2. Get playful with colours

There really are no hard and fast rules when it comes to a picture frame, so explore colours, patterns and textures. Play around with different colours of matt board, you'll be surprised by what you can get away with when framing a photo or piece of art.

Tip: Frame an item by matching your picture frame to the colours in the picture, not to the decor of your home.

3. Dare to be different

Choosing a style of frame is an expression of who you are, or want to be, or even what the piece you are framing means to you. Step outside of your comfort zone and look at how different picture frames look against your picture or art work.

Tip: Try ones you would never imagine hanging on the wall of your home, especially if you want to create that 'wow' or 'shock' factor.

4. Out sourcing the picture frame
If you really don't have an eye for colour or can't seem to find what you're after, seek out a professional picture framer. We all have our strengths and professional framers will be able to show you a range of styles to help you achieve the look you want with minimal stress or fuss.

So here's the hot tip: If you need a custom picture framer at Delhi NCR area, India, call Framing House at (011) 40502005.

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