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A Backlit film is meant for enhancing the power light and is meant for catching the eye. These are known as high-quality translucent graphic films. So, backlit printing services means using the translucent films that is placed between plexiglass sheets in a light box. It is also used for any application that is used for lighting from behind.

Backlit paper is a print medium that allows diffusion of light. This paper is also used for LED displays. So, our company is engaged in backlit printing services to enhance the appearance of the images. In public places and offices, special images should be placed on the walls that create an everlasting impressing in the minds of visitors.
Such images are used for several purposes such as malls, financial institutions, airport, exhibition and other special events. These are also used for television sets and also in stage productions where backlit pieces are required.

They are used for indoor use also for displays and creating directories. We use special techniques to print the images in a special way and hence we use special graphic materials like night/day backlit graphics etc. We provide different types of images with different designs such as sceneries, animals, fruits, etc made of different materials such as clear acrylic, polyester film, fabric material, translucent adhesive vinyl, etc. These materials are all durable and the images can last for many years.

Our backlit printing Delhi shop provides printing services to produce different type of special images.  We also provide different types of mounting sides from back mounts to glass. They look stylish for a room or the area. They are also used as posters in public displays and are used for display and advertisements. The backlit print that we provide gives different types of graphics, images, and different type of messages. We use vivid colors to draw attention of different people. The customers can first select the size that suits their room. Their paints are usually made of high-quality inks that are used for perfectly binding with the canvas and they comprise of different type of colors.

We also provide services to prepare flags also. Different types of flags can be prepared such as feather flags, feather banner flags, custom flag, and teardrop flag banners etc. We provide backlit services for different types of materials such as banners, signs, posters, vinyl, accessories, aluminum, canvas etc. The different types of banners that are available with us are vinyl banners, pole banners, retraceable banners, roll-up banners, X-banner replacement, retail banners etc.
Many people prefer our backlit fabric printing services because it looks beautiful and the place looks modern with the print.  We are also engaged in sign printing services with different custom signs. The different types of sign printing services that we provide include frame signs, PVC signs, foam board printing, acrylic signs, gatorboard printing, dibond printing etc. Many people prefer print on the canvas because it is hard and durable. The different types of canvas available with us are gallery wrapped canvas, rolled canvas etc.

Different types of backlit prints are available in different styles and a customer should choose a print depending upon the architectural pattern of the home. 


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