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Most of the people love to place designer wallpapers in their homes. Such wallpapers are ideal for living rooms. Yet, some people love to place them in the bedroom too. They provide a traditional outlook to the homes as they comprise of floral patterns or ancient geometrical patterns. Some of them comprise of mythological designs also such as Lord Krishna playing with the flute etc. Different people like different types of wallpapers and some of them comprise of modern designs also. The designer wallpaper printing is performed by experts who can perform traditional or modern designs. So, the company manufactures and sells designer wallpapers that are always cherished by the people.

The different types of wallpapers available with the dealer are painted wallpapers, hand-printed stencil wallpapers, hand-printed block wood wallpapers, flock wallpapers, and machine-printed wallpapers. Such wallpapers are used at homes and offices. Some of the wallpapers are coated with vinyl coated paper. Etc. Different types of wallpapers and different textures of wallpapers are available. Such wallpapers are usually made of vinyl material. They are made of some other materials also such as oak wood shelf liner, grain pallet, teak wood, green bamboo, etc. The textile wallpapers are made of some different types of materials such as strings, rattans, impressed leaves, acoustical wall carpets, etc. The customized wall coverings are available at higher prices. The texture of the wallpaper is also thick that it can last for many years.

The modern wallpaper Delhi comprises of other types of wallpapers and solid vinyl is one of the common commercial wall covering and it is usually used for commercial uses. Such wallpapers are also available as borders that can be hung on top of the walls. These wallpapers provided by the dealers are made of solid materials that can last for many years. They deal with many types of wallpapers that are modern. They are available in array of colors, patterns, shapes, edges etc. Some of the wallpapers are made of beautiful designs such as fairy tale poems, alphabets, numbers, or even religious designs. They provide a modern outlook to the homes. Many people place vintage wallpaper ethnic wallpaper for walls, especially in the living room because it looks pleasant. Such wallpapers are ideal for the living room.

The dealer deals with wallpapers that cover the entire wall or even portion of the wall. They are made of different sizes. Many people yet prefer wallpapers are made of lighter vinyl material, because such wallpapers can be hung easily. Most of the wallpapers are made of lighter material that can be placed on the walls.

The wallpapers are also available in borders, some can be hung horizontally on top of the walls, and they are available in array of colors. We deal with different patterns of wallpapers also such as straight, edge-shaped, and even sometimes low width, etc.

Some of our designer wallpaper prints are also made of non-woven wallpaper, photo and metal wallpaper etc. the high-tech wallpapers are usually 3d wallpapers that comprise of different unique designs.


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