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Design your own illustration or Image:

It’s the time to design your own wallpaper now. Don’t fret, it is an easy job, our team of well-qualified members are there to assist you at every step. All you need to do is just select a photograph and upload it in any image format, pick a wallpaper material, and enter your specific measurement. Once you complete the details, we will print your personalised photo wallpaper and ship it in 2-3 business days.

Here are some of the details that will be helpful to you:

How to create personalized photo wallpaper from your illustration or image?
Are you aware that now it is possible to create your own wallpaper with high-resistance image and a very little creativity? All you need to do is just upload your image in the highest resolution and quality possible. If you are not sure about the resolution of the image is high enough or not, just click on the “I need assistance” after uploading the image and our team members will get back to you.
Contacting us is absolutely free of cost. You can fill up your contact details or can simply call on the number provided on our website. Our photo editing experts will reply to your every query.

What will be the cost of my own image wallpaper?
The price to make wallpaper from photos varies depending on the type of material you choose. If you like to check the total amount, fill up the details like measurements and what type of material you prefer, a total cost of each will be displayed.

Which is the best wallpaper quality that I must choose?
Whether you a select a motif from our vast range or chose your own photo, you are always free to select the quality of wallpaper that suits you best. The wallpaper printed by us is printed on nonwoven material, in premium or standard quality. The material used is environment-friendly and extremely durable. The difference in both of these is just that in premium quality an extra layer is applied that gives extra anti-reflective properties with a matte finish and thus makes it a wipeable product.

What type of images should I use to create my wall mural?
Family pictures, individual picture, group photographs, if you are a nature lover then its best to use pictures related to natures, or some kind of illustration or vacation- you can use whatever picture you like and create your own unique digital printing wallpaper. If you are still confused and cannot find the right picture, look for one in our stock photo agency. We are always happy to help you.

How to get creative with your walls?
For us, a wall is a blank canvas and is a great opportunity to build the right mood for the room with unique wallpaper. But, sometimes even our graphic wallpapers, colourful motifs may not be exactly what you want. So it’s the time to show off and draw it yourself and your way. Your creativity along with our experts is a perfect blend of endless opportunities.


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