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If you are wanting to turn your old picture frames into works of art, you may consider using picture mats to help add color and style to old frames so that they look like new touches to your home. However, you cannot just purchase picture mats without doing some homework. While there are picture mats designed for certain sized photos that can be easily acquired, many people prefer to have custom picture mats created as this allows more choice.

When you are selecting your picture mats, you need to measure the dimensions of your photographs or images. These dimensions will be required to determine the inner dimension of the matting. The picture mats should use an inner dimension slightly smaller than the photograph you will be framing. This allows you to use a backing for the matting that holds the photograph firmly in place.

The next dimension you will need when selecting your picture mats is the maximum size your frame can support. Your mat will take up this space so that your image remains centered in the matting. If you are cutting your picture mats on your own, you will want to take extra care to measure out the exact center of the mat so your picture will be centered in the frame.

Selecting picture mats that are suitable for your home is not the only thing that you must keep in mind. Certain mats will look good with certain styles of frames. However, other frames are not suitable for use with picture mats. This is particularly true of smaller frames. If you are trying to make smaller frames look better in your home and you feel you must use mats, you will want to use a very thin mat so that the image and frame are not overwhelmed by the presence of the picture mats.

If you are looking for custom picture mats, you may wish to consider going to a custom framing business. Framing companies will often mat photographs or artwork as a part of their framing service. These businesses also tend to have a wide variety of different mat colors and materials to choose from. This is especially useful for those who want to use a broad range of colors as accents through all of the rooms in their home.

Picture mats can be purchased both online and through retail stores, although many online vendors provide a much larger assortment of colors and styles of matting.


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