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Today, many people prefer mural painting also as it beautifies the walls. It is a piece of artwork that is directly applied to the walls. So, we deal with wallpapers that look modern. We provide large mural paintings that are painted on a large canvas. People today, love mural painting because it can remain on the wall forever. So, we use special materials for printing so that the paint remains on the wall forever. So, we use different types of mural paints, whether traditional or modern. There are many styles and techniques of painting on the wall. Such paintings are painted by experts in different ways using different types of oils and water-based media. The materials that we use are tested and durable. The painters use special skills and techniques to paint it on the walls.

Different patterns and designs of mural paints
We provide 3d wall mural prints of different patterns, designs, etc. These paintings can be traced back to the cave paintings. We provide the best designs that were prominent during Renaissance period.  We provide mural painting services to the permanent surfaces, convex, concave or even precise shape.  We provide both modern and traditional designs. We provide many designs and patterns of animals, marine life, and sometimes even portray images of God and Goddess according to the specifications of the customers. Some people love mural paintings of God and Goddess near the ritual room. So, we provide such services in the ritual room. As India has a rich tradition of mural paintings, many people in Delhi prefer the wall mural printing Delhi provide different themes as Vishnuharmottara, Manasollasa, Silpashastra, Kashyapa shilpa etc.

We use different materials to print the walls such as latex paint, interior household paint, Liquitex Soft Body Acrylics, Blick Art Materials etc. We use materials that can easily adhere to the wall. The materials that we use can easily stick to the walls made of plaster, concrete, cement, etc. We also use various types of paintbrushes so that we can easily paint the walls. When we are painting the large portion of the walls, we use wide brushes. We also provide wall painting to the wall with lots of space. We use different types of brushes such as liquitex Freestyle Brushes, Blick Mega White Synthetic Brushes, etc.

Services that we provide
Before painting the walls, we usually provide priming services so that the painting appears smooth. It creates smooth and even surfaces that are readily acceptable to acrylic paints.

Also, we use the equipments and tools that are essential for painting such as rollers, trays, etc. We provide mural painting services in areas such as living room, ritual room and sometimes even bedroom. Some people prefer modern mural painting in their bedrooms such as kid’s pictures, beds, toys, etc. We paint sceneries in the living room so that the living room looks beautiful. We paint such sceneries near the window.

The mural painting service that we provide comprises of single or double layer. We also use a protective covering on the floor because it is easier to remove the residue on the baseboard. The 3d wall mural art that we provide is everlasting.


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