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If you wish to have a good accent piece for your walls, while also having something that is more unique to your décor, you may want to use round picture frames. Round picture frames fit in with a lot of different décor styles. And, as most people choose square or rectangular photo frames, these frames stand out as something a little more unique than average.

However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you wish to use round picture frames. Before you use a round frame, you should make certain you have copies of the photographs you want to use in them. Unlike rectangular or square photograph frames, round picture frames require photographs being trimmed so they fit in them properly. It is for this reason that you never want to use the original photograph. Have several copies of your photograph printed so that you can experiment with trimming the photo to fit the frame.

Because most photographs are not round, it is important that you take the time to measure the focal point of the photograph and determine where you need to cut the picture based off of this measurement. Round picture frames can add a lot to a room, but only if you are careful with how you cut the picture. The focal point of your photograph should be centered in the frame for the best looks.

Once you have determined what sizes of round picture frames you need, you need to select the material and the style of the frame. The most common types of frames are made of wood or metal. The most simple, rustic style frames are made of common woods like maple, pine or oak, and have very little in the way of embellishments. However, wood frames can be intricately carved, or be crafted of exotic woods such as ebony or mahogany. Ornate frames, or frames crafted of exotic woods, are much more expensive than the rustic frames. The same applies to metal frames, although standard metals such as steel or sterling silver are replaced with gold, platinum or titanium as the exotics, and the intricate patterns are molded rather than carved. Unlike wooden frames, which do deteriorate over time, high quality metal round picture frames can last for hundreds upon hundreds of years without any sign of deterioration. Because of this, metal frames are typically what are passed down from generation to generation and are considered a good investment.

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