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Many people do PVC flooring to their homes. It is also known as poly vinyl flooring. The substance known as polyvinyl chloride is applied to the floors. It is made from the plasticized PVC formulated substances and is used for homes and offices too. It is a synthetic compound that is made from a plastic with a combination of various compounds such as hydrogen, carbon and chloride.

We provide PVC flooring services for residential and commercial use. We provide PVC vinyl flooring services for anti-skidding purposes. The surfaces of the floors should not become slippery and hence we apply PVC vinyl floorings. Usually the surfaces of the homes, cars, buses become slippery easily during rainy season. So, we provide services to various places. So, far we have provided services to volley ball and basketball courts also. As we apply wax stain resistant substances, so they become anti-slippery. Such floors usually require low maintenance services. Then, we also apply high-density vinyl foam cushioning to absorb shocks and hence we reduce the impact of shock and leg fatigue. PVC is the most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer and this material is really expensive. So being the manufacturer of PVC flooring India we as a company produce PVC substance that is required for floors. They apply PVC to the floors so that the surface becomes smoother. So, far we have provided services to homes, hospitals, schools and offices by applying the substance to the floors. We deal with mainly two types of floorings namely flexible and rigid.

We provide flexible PVC wood flooring to the rigid floors such as concrete or stone floorings. We also provide for rigid floors such as timber floorings, stone floorings etc. The materials that are required for PVC flooring include thermo plaster blinder, pigments and fillers. The binder comprises of the following vinyl chloride polymer and vinyl chloride copolymer.
We test the following factors of the PVC before applying it to the floor such as moisture, dimensional stability, curling, dimensions and tolerances, elasticity, resistance, color fastness, etc. So, the PVC floor covering that we provide is always durable.

Our PVC flooring manufacturers in India manufacture the substance that is available in many colors, marble or motting, patterns, etc. They also conduct acceptance tests to test the following factors such as dimensions, squareness, and the dimensional stability. They mold polyvinyl chloride, into flooring, and other construction items.

We manufacture PVC which is 100% recyclable product and it requires minimal energy and also the natural resources to manufacture such substances. The vinyl flooring is water-resistant, customizable and also durable. It is available in interlocking panels and tiles and this process is easier for many types of installers.
The vinyl wood flooring that our PVC flooring dealers in Delhi provide is durable and is time-tested. We always provide the best services to make the floors moisture resistant and the spills should be simply erased. We provide vinyl is available in various thickness and colors. So, the floors become tough and resistant to scratching and also indentation and staining etc. So, we provide a very good look to the floors.


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