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If you are looking for something a little different for your home, you may consider investing in an acrylic picture frame. Unlike the traditional metal or wooden frames, an acrylic picture frame is extremely durable and fits very well in modern contemporary decorative themes. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you own an acrylic frame so that you can maintain its condition for years to come.Unlike metal frames, as well as a wide variety of the wooden frames, there are a lot of chemicals that will react with acrylic picture frames. Acrylic is typically a clear material, although it can be dyed to be virtually any color during the manufacturing process. However, stronger home chemicals that may be suitable for metal frames will corroded acrylic frames. Polishes that are suitable for wood can also leave an unpleasant residue on an acrylic picture frame, which can distract from the photograph it holds. However, unlike both wood or metal, an acrylic picture frame is not harmed by soap or water, so they can be easily cleaned without the need for harsh chemicals.

However, an acrylic picture frame has a distinct advantage over both metal and wooden frames. Acrylic is extremely resistant to damage, making it suitable for homes with children or pets. As acrylic is a softer material, there is also a much lower risk of the floor being damaged should the frame fall off of the shelf or the wall. As an acrylic picture frame is also lightweight, it is possible to make expansive collage photo frames with acrylic as the base material.

When you purchase an acrylic picture frame, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. Due to the weight of the frame and the manufacturing process, acrylic frames tend to come in a wider variety of shapes and sizes. Curved frames are often made of acrylic, as well as frames with odd shapes and patterns. As not every acrylic picture frame is flat, you need to keep a careful eye on all dimensions of the frame. For curved frames, you will want to check if the section for the photograph is flat or curved. If curved, you will want to make certain you use a spare copy of the photograph, as long term use in a curved frame can cause permanent damage to the photo.

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