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Bored of the same dull walls? Want to renovate your home but whole lot of tiring procedure fret’s you? Do you really want to get rid of all these things in a simple manner? Yes, it is possible. It’s the right time to give a creative touch to your walls. If you want to change the overall appearance of your home, it may get hazardous and a bit expensive, while you can make your place a new one just by adding creative peel and stick wallpapers for home in Delhi.  Well designed wallpapers can add a new fresh look and make it a gossip topic for your neighbours.

Wallpaper permits you to change the style statement without much effort and expenses, moreover adds a style quotient to your overall personality. We are one of the top wallpaper printing company, which takes utmost care of our client’s to redefine the housing style by providing personally customized wallpapers.
Why should you choose us?
1. We are client friendly.
2. You can select your own personal pictures or whatever you like to be printed on your wall murals.
3. Uses high-resolution photos
4. Our professionals of photo editing uses modern technology to deliver lustrous wallpapers.
5. You can select the color, size, design, and print as per your choice.
6. In printing and designing we use repositionable ink and fabric that is water-proof, washable, and non-toxic.
7. We use top of the line printers to give a perfect look to your wallpapers.
8. All our wallpapers are actually cost effective
9. While placing the wallpapers on your walls we use no sticky substance or glue, so afterwards if you want to change it, your walls will remain the same way as they used to earlier.
10. The applicator that we use is not harmful for your paint.

Various types of finishes for your wallpapers:
We offer different types of finishes for your special customized wallpapers.
Wallpapers with Canvas texture: 1. Texture finish
2. Coarse texture
3. No overlapping in joints
4. Washable
5. Water resistant
6. Traditionally installed with sticky substances

Wallpapers with Matte Finishing:
1. Installation is easy with water
2.Guarantee of 5 years
3. Water and fire resistant
4. Smooth texture
5. Vibrancy of color

Our wallpaper shop in Delhi offer our clients glitter textured wallpapers that is sprinkled with a glimpse of sparkle on its surface. We use different kinds of material for printing and designing our products, namely, Smooth and Suede. Whereas the latter is not textured and former has light texture.
As a renowned wallpaper retailer in Delhi, we are wholly dedicated to our clients. We aim to satisfy our customers by providing them exactly what they want and that too in very affordable prices. We do not have any extra hidden charges that will be asked by the delivery man or someone else from the team.

Exploring the wallpapers and murals on website, contacting the customer care, and going through the details is totally free of cost.


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