Professional framed photo prints on canvas

Framing a digital image printed on regular printing sheets can be an easy task; But when we consider framed canvas prints, the creation of these, can pose some difficulties. In case of normal photographs, the picture can be directly placed inside the frame but with canvas prints one has to do some preliminary adjustments. This is why most people need professionals to handle this job.

In earlier times, people used to print photographs on regular printing sheets and frame it later. But due to the attraction offered by canvas prints, more and more people are turning their attention towards printing pictures to framed canvas. With the availability of digital canvas printing machines, printing photos on framed canvas has become easier than the olden days. Also the cost involved is affordable, offered along with great artistic value.

In order to create framed canvas prints, the image is first printed onto the canvas. Once this is done, the frame of required size has to be decided and selected. The next step is to stretch the canvas to the most. Care should be taken not to over-stretch the canvas as it would cause damage to the print. This is the most difficult task in creating a canvas framed print. Water and light has an effect on the framed canvas print. Giving a single base coat of varnish and allowing it to cool for about an hour solves this problem.

The final step is to place the canvas print carefully into the frame. Apart from printing photos to framed canvas, you can also add some designs on the frames to give it a unique style. is one of the leading online canvas printing websites. You can place your order for framed canvas prints at our website by uploading your personal photos. All our orders are edited by a professional human editor before they are shipped worldwide free of charge.

Price List

8in x 12in - Rs 120
16in x 12in - Rs 180
20in x 16in - Rs 315

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