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How to Make and Protect Photo Prints

Have you ever wondered how those huge ads, art prints and movie posters are printed? There certainly are no printers that big, are there? Then how come those gigantic billboards are made? The secret lies in the art of photo printing.

Nowadays, you can print posters even in the comforts of your home. All you need is a high quality ink-jet printer and an endless supply of paper. Photo prints are done by dividing the image into sections and printing them one section at a time. Once all the segments are printed out, then you can put the pieces together, just like making a puzzle.

Though it is very rare that you will be in need of poster prints, knowledge on this kind of printing would still come in handy. Here are some things to consider before you can even print your photo poster-sized:

1. The image should be clearly focused. It is advisable to use large image files with high resolution so that they can retain their quality even when enlarged. You may also use software that allows you to retouch and edit your photograph. You could adjust the brightness, contrast, color, and dimensions according to your preference.

2. Once you are satisfied with your photo, you can save it as a JPEG file in a flashdrive and bring it to any digital printing shop.

3. As most photo shops do not offer digital printing, you can choose to get your poster prints online. Many Internet-based shops conveniently print the photographs for you and deliver them to your doorstep. All you need to do is send them images and they will print it for you. It saves you time and energy as you do not need to go back and forth the photo shops to drop and pick up your prints.

Since poster prints can be costly, it is important to store them and take care of them even after use. One good way to store it is by using a poster shipping tube. You see them utilized by many architects and engineers as it is also used for carrying blueprints. These tubes are acid-free so as not to damage the photo quality. All you need to do is to find the right tube size to accommodate your poster prints. Once you have it, you just simply roll your poster into a scroll and slip it inside the tube. Replace the lid of the tube and you can now put it in storage.

You can also use acid-free envelopes when storing your posters. This is a much better way because storing your photo prints flat will not leave a dent on your photos. You can also choose to frame them. Just remember to use plexiglass so that they can be safe from UV rays. This way, they would not fade and tarnish.

For inexpensive posters, you may use simple contact paper and a cardboard. Place the cardboard at the back of your photo prints so that it could support the poster. Wrap the entire thing with the contact paper and tape it on to the back of the cardboard.

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