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Framing House is the India´s leading quality printed and embroidered clothing supplier. From our delhi base we provide our client's with the highest quality individually customized clothing delivered on time and at the best market price, guaranteed (or your money back).

We specialise in producing printed t-shirts and embroidered t shirts quickly at affordable prices. We have a huge selection of brands to choose from, available in men's, women's and children's styles and we offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

From the word 'go' we aim to offer the best possible customer service, combining a user friendly garment selection with a complimentary phone consultation from one of our friendly team for all new projects.

We have in house designers available to assist with any creative ideas or design changes that you need, and for each project you will have a dedicated account manager to ensure your delivery arrives on time and customised exactly as required.

How to make a tshirt that is unique

Making a tshirt sounds like such a unique and creative idea. True indeed! The clothes that we wear speak a lot about our ersonalities. Thus, if we want to protrude a particular image about ourselves then what better way than customize what we wear? Designing a tshirt is one such way to express a person's individuality. This is a great way to express what is in your mind and flaunt it on yourself. Let us get to know the reasons why people would go out there and have their tshirts rather made.

Why should you make a tshirt?

Customization – As mentioned earlier, to make an impact and to steer away from the crowd you can make a tshirt. You may not always find the right kind of options in a store. The image of what kind of a tshirt you would like to wear may not always be physically accessible.

Promotion Purpose – Many corporate houses design tshirts to promote their businesses. They either hand out these tshirts for free to the public through the form of various sales promotions or have their employees sport it when on exhibitions or any other company related activities. The purpose is that many other people will notice what is written on the tshirt and hence know more about the company's product or service.

Protest – Many rally that often go out have banners and flags as their main props. However, .people also make tshirts themselves that have their beliefs on it, that is the cause for which the protest has taken shape.

Uniformity – If you have a dear group of friends then making tshirts of similar kinds for the entire group would show that you belong to a particular gang. While your friends would appreciate this gesture, you and your group would also get noticed by others. If not for friendship, then you can even design tshirts for other team activities t show uniformity.

How to make a tshirt?

There are basically three main ways to have your tshirts made –

Do it yourself
Visit a gift store

Do it yourself – All you need is fabric paints and a plain tshirt. Hence, if you have a knack for painting and a goo d hand at art then you should definitely try making the tshirt yourself. This can fetch you a lot of compliments and appreciation for your creative talent. You can create abstract designs, scenery, write some text etc.

Visit a gift store – In this option you need to have a plain tshirt and either a copy of the image or text that you would want to have on your tshirt. The store person would print the same on your tshirt. It takes only about a few minutes.If you are planning to visit Store them we at Farming House like to invite you at our store at Malviya Nagar and offer best possible Solution

Online – The web is the place for everything under the sun and even beyond. It is similar to the previous point of visiting the store except that here you would need to make your selection online, just a click of the mouse and you can have your custom made tshirt delivered to your place. Just email us at framinghouseindia@gmail.com or Call us at 9810067295

Make a T shirt using various styles

T- Shirt is a kind of shirt that is generally collarless, button less and has short sleeves. This shirt became popular in India after Independence . It is usually made of cotton fiber while a variety of clothes are now used to make a t-shirt. US navy distributed them to their sailors to be worn under the uniform as an undershirt. Soon the marines started taking off their uniform jacket when not on duty and were seen on ly in the undershirt which looked quite trendy. Over a period of time a lot more people started wearing this as the only garment on the top, specially when weather conditions demanded light clothes.

Decorating a T-shirt

In today's time t-shirt has become a choice clothing material for all and sundry. A large variety of t-shirts are available in the market suitable for all age groups- men, women, children, and teens. Usually t-shirts are screen printed to make them look more colourful, and designer. A plethora of messages, designs and sometimes marketing messages are printed on the t-shirt to make it more personal to the user.

Apart from screen printed a t-shirt can also be embossed, laser printed, embroidered, embellished with decorative items like crystal, beads and shells. The possibilities of decorating a t-shirt are endless.

Making a T-shirt

A t-shirt is generally stitched in a jersey stich. This makes it extremely comfortable and durable.

A custom t-shirt is also becoming quite a rage. So you can design the kind of t-shirt that you want- with a personal message, image or photograph and then print it on your t-shirt. This is generally embossed or screen printed on the t-shirt that you choose. A large number of online service providers are available to do this customization. A number of vendors in the market place are also available to provide this service. You can choose a t-shirt of your choice and then provide the service provider with the content that you would like to be printed on it. Very quickly a custom made t-shirt for you is delivered to you.

Benefits of a T-shirt

T-shirt did not become a choice garment for millions of its customers without any reason. This shirt is made of cotton fiber which is extremely comfortable in all the weather, inexpensive, and easy to clean. It now comes in a variety of designs and shapes- V-neck, crew neck, tank top, long t-shirt among others. This allo ws everyone to choose one that suits their body shape, gender, age and sensibility. It has always been used for marketing purposes with the relevant message and logo spread across it.

A t-shirt can be made to look trendy, smart, casual and can also be made to express our sentiments, attitude and things close to our heart. This versatility of the garment makes it a very popular choice, combined with its comfort and non expensive feature. Make a t-shirt for yourself that defines you today and wear your heart on your sleeve.


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