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Did you know the average company spends 5% of their expenditure on printed documents?

Controlling Print Costs… In today’s severe economic climate, the private & public sectors are under severe pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiencies wherever possible. If you spend in excess of just Rs 2000 per calendar month, or if you just looking for a quick printing quote we can help it’s up to you.

We specialize in helping multi-site and complex organizations reduce the unit cost of every printed item required, simultaneously enabling our clients to save time, effort and expenditure in their acquisition.

We work carefully with our print partners to ensure that they meet our high production quality standards.

Companies with a large or diverse requirement for print and project management now realize that the best solutions come from people with a genuine passion for print and a high level of intelligence within the print process. For the past 12 years, Framing House has delivered real benefits for clients who have harnessed our experience and intelligence in the print arena, as if an extension of their own business resource.

In any business, uncertainty leads to doubt. At Framing House, we draw on our strengths and past success to deliver certainty in print and its associated services. Time after time.

Any place, Anywhere, Any time you can print what you want, when you want…

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We print paperback, hardback, training manuals, business reports, marketing literature from print on

demand (1 singular copy) and up to 2,000 copies in house.

We specialize in document printing and binding. We offer a fast, efficient and reliable service for you.

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