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Cardboard Picture Frames – How to Give Your Frames a New Style

The cardboard picture frames are more than affordable and you can buy as many of them as you like. They are great alternatives to all the expensive picture frames that do not always fit your interior. With the cardboard picture frames you can use your own creativity and style them uniquely without much effort. Here are some tips to help you design exceptionally beautiful models and have fun at the same time.

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You can buy cardboard picture frames of any design and size. They are usually sold in packages, so make sure you have calculated the pictures' dimensions directly. The design can be the standard rectangular one in order to allow for more experiments and diverse decorations. Plus, with such a design the cardboard picture frames will be more stable and stand more firmly on any kind of surface. The color does not matter either as you can paint them in any color you like. Generally all colors and even the brighter ones will be laid better on a lighter, preferably white surface.

You also need to supply yourself with tools and materials for the decoration in advance in order not to disturb the work process unnecessarily. Most people have a craft knife at home, but you can buy one from any general store. You are highly recommended to use acrylic paints for the decoration of the cardboard picture frames. These have less moisture, which will still infiltrate the material, but when its dries the cardboard will return its original shape and hardness. Furthermore, the cardboard picture frames will be stronger. You will have to use glue to put the decorative ornaments on the frames. Make sure it is transparent and strong – do not use one that is made to stick paper only.

You can choose the ornaments for the decoration yourself. It is a good idea to gather all of these before beginning with the decoration. The colored paper is the classic choice – you can cut all sorts of patterns from any color. Kids find it fun to cut their cartoon characters from magazines, comic books and cards. If you want to spare yourself the extra effort when decorating cardboard picture frames, you can buy stickers. There are many more elegant and impressive decorations you can choose from. The small white shells will look superbly on a blue picture frame. The shells can also be painted to become more colorful. You can also pick from all kinds of beads to stick on the cardboard picture frames. Just make sure all pieces have a large enough surface that can be glued. Ribbons are great choice for making beautiful classic frames.

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With the craft knife you can cut the cardboard picture frames in any shape you like. You just have to be careful to leave enough space for the picture to fit in. Lave the paint to dry before starting to decorate it. It is best to place the ornaments on the frame before gluing to determine the overall design and the positioning of each element.
Enjoy making remarkably designed and beautifully decorated cardboard picture frames.

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