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Using collage frames are a very creative way of displaying different photographs on your wall. Like digitalCollage Frame picture frames, you can display many wonderful pictures all at the same time. It is composed of many picture frames that are put together to form a collage. It works just like a mini photo gallery for your home.

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There are many ready-made collage frames in department stores that can house anywhere from five to twenty photos at a time. They come in different colors and sizes too. But if you wish to have more fun, then you can make your own collage.

Collage FrameMaking collage frames is easy plus it helps you bring out your creativity too. Here are a few steps you could follow: Before rushing to the department store, you must first measure the wall space and decide how big you want your Collage Frames to be. By this time, you must already have a clear picture of how you want your collage to look like. It might also be helpful if you draw a rough sketch on how you wish to assemble the frames so that you will know if it will fit the design of your house.

Purchase as many cheap picture frames as you want. You can be playful with the designs. Mix and match the colors and the prints. Get different sizes and shapes.Collage Frame You can choose between wooden picture frames and more fancy ones like glass or metal frames. There really is no rule when choosing which frames to use. Just make sure that all the frames that you will buy will fit into the allotted wall space. You should also be sure that the frames are made from sturdy materials especially the glass so that your photos are protected.

You can also put additional ornaments on your frames like flowers or butterflies or leaves especially if you have a themed space. This way, you can personalize it and tie it with the other elements found in the room.

Collage FrameApply a protective sealant on the frames to make sure that they remain protected. This prevents the wood from rotting especially if your place is a bit humid. You can also use insecticides that drives away the termites.

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Plan the pictures you want to use for the collage frames before you print them out. Set a definite theme so that you will know which photos to pick. The sizes of the printed photos should be according to the size of the frame you purchased.

After you place the pictures in the frames, lay them out on the floor so that you have a fairly good idea on how they should be mounted on the wall. You can measure the space between frames so that you will know if it fits the wall space.

Attach the hooks or nails to the wall. Be careful when placing them. Space them according to the way you layout the frames. Once done, you can start hanging your collage frames.

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