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Photo frames are a good way to spice up your space. They are an excellent way to show creativity because of their different amazing designs. Display your favorite photographs and hang them up on your wall or place them on counter tops and you are sure to have a lively atmosphere.

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Whatever the theme of your house may be, there are frames that will certainly match it. Whether you have a modern design or a more rustic feel, finding the perfect frame will be easy. Here are some examples of cool picture frames that you can choose:

  • Vintage picture frames
    If your house is Renaissance inspired, then these cool picture frames will be wonderful. They have a shabby worn out look that adds an elegant old fashioned tone to your house. They are often times made from wood or metal to have that durable yet aged look.
  • Digital picture frames
    For those who just love everything digital, then these cool picture frames are just perfect. You can upload and display as many pictures as you like in one single frame. They are easy to use and easy to set up. Because the memory of these frames is big enough to hold even a hundred photographs, you’ll be able to save a lot of space. They will also look ideal in your very modern home.
  • Collage picture frames
    A huge wall space can make your house look dull. But once you hang up these cool picture frames, it will surely liven up your home. Make your photo gallery with the use of different sized picture frames. You can even go crazy on the colors if you want. Framing your pictures this way will definitely give vibrance to your huge empty wall.
  • Pin up picture frames
    These cool picture frames are made from soft but durable plastic frames with an open slot on top. Simply insert your pictures and pin it on a wall or cork board with a tack. This can be ideal for displaying pictures in a room. You can enjoy a whole wall of pin up photos of your friends and family.
  • Whirl picture frames
    Set your pictures in a dizzying spin with these cool picture frames. The frames are made from plastic cylinder which is mounted on a wooden frame so you can display it on a table or hang it on a wall.
  • Corner picture frames
    You are sure to love these cool picture frames. They are angled to allow you to hang pictures on the corners of your house. They have the inner version and the outer version of the frames so you can hang them on wall posts or on the square corner of the wall. This will definitely give your house an original look.
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  • Object frames
    These cool picture frames will surely leave you in awe as you can display not only photographs, but also real items in it. The frames are made with a bent or angled bottom to serve as a rack where you can display another photo frame or any objects like vases, figurines, etc. Nothing can be more chic than that.

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