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Do you have pieces of art that are sitting in your basement? Or how about a whole box of baseball memorabilia from your favourite player during the 60’s? Well if you have precious items in your attic, then it’s time to bring them out. Don’t just keep them in storage. Have them framed so that you can display them and hang them on your wall. They surely would make good decorations for any part of your house.

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But before you go ahead with the framing, you must remember not to settle for cheap picture frames. You may think that they are money savers but you are not sure of the quality. Of course, you would want your precious memorabilia to be stored securely right? That is why you must have it custom made.

When items are put away into storage, they tend to lose their lustre and as well as the sheen of their exteriors. A photograph, for example, could turn yellow. A painting could get dusty or your LPs could become brittle. But with custom framing, you can be sure that your items are secured and protected. Unlike your typical ready-made picture frames, custom frames can be very expensive because they are specifically designed just for your items. Plus, the materials used for framing are of high quality. The framing itself is done neatly and perfectly so that your item is sealed soundly.

Choosing the right Custom Framing for your pieces may seem easy. But in reality, it takes a lot of work. It involves decision making and so, here are some tips on how to choose the right custom made frame:

Take note of the color scheme of your item. If it is a painting or a photograph, identify the dominant colors. You will base the color of your frame on this. You want your piece to stand out and not to be outshined by the color of the frame.

Never choose custom framing based on the color of your house. The frames should always complement the piece to be framed and not the wall where you will hang it. The contrast of the frame color might even do your room good as it will make the piece stand out from the rest of the items in the room.

Choose a frame that fits the mood of the pieces. If for instance, you want custom framing for your black and white portrait, make sure that you get a frame that is solid in color so that it complements the drama that the photograph exudes.

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Decide on what material you wish to use on the frames. Wood is the most common as it is easy to mold and shape according to the size of your piece. However, there are other options too like metal or glass. Just make sure that your piece will be fully supported by whatever material you choose.

Ask for assistance. People who work in framing shops definitely know what they are doing. If you can’t decide on one thing, they could help you by presenting you with options that can aide you in choosing which custom framing to use.

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