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Frame mats are creative accessories used to hold a photo inside a picture frames. They are usually made out of paper or cardboard material and are available in different colours and textures. Usually, the choice of frame mats depends upon the nature of the photo and the design of the frame. An appealing photo decoration in the living room is sure to have the proper colour scheme and design combination.

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Using frame mats for your photos also adds protection to the photograph. It prevents the photo from dents and folded edges as the framing process is being done. It also prevents your photograph from mold and mildew that collect while inside the frame after a period of time. Having frame mats allows you to make sure that your photo is preserved perfectly well and is kept safe from any possible form of damage.

These frames are also necessary for framed works of art. This goes for drawings that were made in charcoal or pastel. Usually, these drawings are made not to touch the glass while inside the frame. Doing so will significantly damage the artwork. When framing pieces such as this, the usual practice is to place a separator between the glass and the drawing surface. Frame Mats do just the trick. It acts as an effective separator that prevents the drawing from sticking to the glass.

There are a lot of framing options that can be considered for your picture frames. These include double mat designs that involve the use of multiple layers of colored card to encase the photo. This is great for complementing rooms that have accents or themes. Usually, it is also these double mat designs that have cut-out etchings and stencil drawings on the edges. The multiple layers of colored card allow for great background effects on the overall look of the picture frame.

One must also keep in mind the necessary safety reminders when choosing frame mats. It is important that the paper used in making the mat is acid-free. Acidic paper usually creates ugly brown burns at the edges of the frame over time. This is most important for pieces that are sought to be preserved for a long period of time. Ideally, a frame mat must be designed to provide protection for a good 75 to 100 years. It is important that you ask the picture framer about the acidity of the mat before you agree to use it for your frame.

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Frame mats can even be used as creative photo album covers. This is great for baby books and childhood albums you have stored on the shelves. You can have one of your favourite photos blown up the side of an album cover, enclose it in a frame mat and attach the piece in front. This way, you are able to add a personal touch to your photo collection at home.

Using these colourful frame mats is sure to add a personal touch of creativity to your cherished keepsakes.

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