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The Art of Making Frameless Picture Frames

Focus is the best advantage gained from using frameless picture frames. Compared to other picture frameFrameless Picture Frame decorations, a frameless picture frame guides the viewer's eyes to concentrate on the image or any artwork. It frees the viewer's mind from the distraction of traditional frames. Making a frameless picture frame is very easy. All you will need is a particle board, metal clips, and of course, a display glass. With these common materials that can be bought cheap in any nearby hardware, you can make a unique picture frame that does not require a border. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to create your distraction-free frameless picture frames. To make the job faster, you can ask for the assistance of your friends.

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1. Using a ruler, make accurate measurements on the particular photograph that you chose to put in aframe. After measuring the photo, proceed on measuring the space on the wall where you wish to hang the frame. Make sure that the space is large enough for your photograph or artwork.

2. Look for a mat board then cut a piece of it that will be enough to fit the wall space that you have just measured. Mark the dimensions of the mat board with a pencil. Using a T-square, make a guideline on the mat board. Follow and cut using the guideline with any household cutting equipment. Be careful not to cut your hands with its sharp edge.

3. Position your photograph or artwork atop the mat board and decide on the part you wish to put your image on. Mark the corner of the photo with a pencil. Cut the particular portion and proceed with the rest of the sides until it is ready to accommodate your photograph or artwork.

4. With a masking tape, secure the photograph or artwork behind the mat board. This is ideal in making your artwork more stable prior to assembling your frame.

5. Have a plexiglass sheet cut to the accurate dimensions of your mat board. You can request for this service at any home improvement store. Have a particle board cut with the exact dimensions as well.

6. When your plexiglass and mat board are done, you can now assemble the artwork or photograph. Place the particle board on the bottom, the picture and the mat board in the middle while the plexiglass rests on top. To hold the layers together, place the metal Swiss Clips on each of the frame's sides.

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When you are done with your excellent frameless picture frame you can now hang the artwork in your wall using nails or screws driven inside the back of the Swiss Clips' rest. It is very easy, right? Aside from frameless picture frames, you can also make custom collage picture frames. For more picture frame design ideas and other helpful tips, you can look for the best sites online. There are excellent web sites that offer instructions on making frameless picture frames. You can also find the best online sellers of custom made photo frames, wood picture frames, and many more.

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