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A leather photo frame is a marvellous desk accessory that will hold photographs of your loved ones at hand. Most are made of good quality leather in a wide assortment of colors, often with contrasting stitching detail affording an appealing and stylish look. A leather desk photo frame, filled with your favorite pictures, will bestow a personal touch to any desk.

Leather picture frames can likewise be a lovely addition for your house, affording a more modern feel. They're available in a good variety of different frame sizes, allowing you to find one for most applications. If you are looking for unique decorating items, look no further than leather photo frames.

Our Leather Picture Framing Range includes

  • 1) personalized leather picture frame
  • 2)brown leather picture frame
  • 3)black leather picture frame
  • 4) leather picture frame 5x7
  • 5)leather picture frames 8x10

Boost Your Branding with Leather Picture Frames

If you are running out of unique ideas to boost your brand marketing, why not try some traditional yet highly effective means? We are talking here about leather picture frames. Wow important clients or potential customers with custom leather picture frames. Custom leather frames embossed or engraved with your company logo is the perfect promotional material that can add more edge to your branding.

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Sure, there are lots of other promotional means that are very popular these days. Most of these are digital and online-based marketing means. However, if you want something more tangible or something that your potential clients can keep, a leather picture frame is what you need.

Compared to other promotional materials such as business cards and flyers, a leather picture frame is more collectible and durable. Unlike business cards, you would not worry about potential clients misplacing your leather picture frame. In fact, picture frames are most likely to be displayed at the most prominent spot on people's houses, like the living room or even the bedroom.

These characteristics of the humble leather picture make it a very favorable and sort of a guerrilla-type promotional material. Every time people look at photographs safely tucked inside your picture frame, there is always a huge possibility that they would notice your company's name engraved or embossed on it.

But what about the price, you might ask. Easy, now. The price of Leather Picture Frames is not that steep. You can even find cheap picture frames for sale on various Internet sites. Some sites even provide excellent picture frame design ideas to help you optimize more the marketing capability of your picture frame. Typically, custom picture frames online will cost no more than fifty dollars. You can also have them cheaper if you will buy wholesale ready made picture frames in bulk. Some will argue that ordering print business cards are more affordable, but if we are talking about high-quality branding, then you should forget about printing papers with your name printed on it. Besides, there are more possibilities that your business card will just end up safely hidden in people's wallets forever. That will not be very favorable if you are looking forward to better branding.

A leather picture frame, on the other hand, has more advantage. Apart from its display potential, a leather picture frame is more durable; and because it is made of high quality leather, it creates an impression among potential clients that your business is not a run-of-the-mill type.

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In short, ordering leather picture frames is an extra push that you need to promote your brand. With a little bit of investment, you will be guaranteed that your business will create a very favorable impression among your clientele. A good leather picture frame is a stylish promotional material that is both useful and highly memorable. Interested in ordering now? Go online and search for the best sites that offer excellent prices and discounts.

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