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Oval Picture Frame – How to Make the Most of It

Despite the common misconception the oval picture frame has not gone out of fashion. Quite on the contary such a decorative object can give your interior that extra pinch of elegance it needs to become even cozier and more sophisticated at the same time. The oval picture frames have that special softness of the shape that most of the objects we use in our interior lack completely. Furthermore, they create a friendlier and more personal and sometimes even a more romantic atmosphere evoking past exquisiteness and even grandeur. Here are some ideas on how to choose oval frames and how to use them in your home.

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Youroval picture frame can be made from any material you like. The classic wooden frames bring extra warmth to the interior and can blend excellently with wooden furniture. Just keep in mind that the color of the wooden frame has to be the same or lighter compared to that of the main objects in the room. The oval models made from silver are an all time favorite and can also fit any interior perfectly with their elegance and gentleness. They are perfect for gifts as well as for decorating your own home. Those who want to have a sophisticated silver oval picture frame, but cannot afford it can opt for a model made from pewter. You can even choose a cardboard frame with this distinctive shape or one that is made from an inexpensive plastic material. Those who really want to have a home with a unique style can buy antique oval models with artistic designs.

The decorations of the oval picture frame can also vary greatly. The plain models are ideal for all kinds of pictures and for all kinds of interiors. They put the focus on the image itself and highlight its features making them stand out. An oval picture frame with gentle decorations is the perfect choice for those who want to add an extra pinch of charm to the interior. Plus, these frames tend to bring a more personal message that goes along with the picture itself. The decorative motifs vary from shell, ribbon and flower patterns to dragonfly and butterfly ornaments ith crystals.

There are a few practical things to keep in mind when decorating your room with an oval picture frame or frames. These objects are generally durable especially if they are made from high quality materials. Still, their shape tends to make them more beautiful, but also more unstable compared to the standard rectangular frames. Thus, it is best to put them on places where they cannot easily be knocked over. Try to avoid placing them on low tables and shelves. It is best to keep the oval picture frames from the reach of children in order to prevent the objects from breaking and from getting dirt and finger smudges. This advice is particularly applicable to those who have antique oval picture frames.

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No matter the type of oval picture frame you have chosen and its position in your home, it is important to take care of it and clean it properly depending on its make.

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