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What are panoramic picture frames?

People who practice the art of photography love shooting just about any subject. They have still life, architecture, portraiture or whatever they feel like shooting. However, landscapes are some of the most popular subjects for photographers. These landscapes come in many forms like cityscapes or seascapes. However, shooting these subjects can be very tricky as they are very wide and most of the time, they will not fit in the camera frame. But because photographers are very creative, they have developed a way to capture the beauty through a panoramic shot.

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Panoramic photos are done by shooting one segment of the landscape at a time. Before printing the image, these segments are stitched together to form one whole photo stretch. These photos are great for displaying along your walls as they look very grand.

However, finding large picture frames that can house your photo can be a challenge. Sometimes, not even poster frames can suit photographs like that. This is why you need a special frame for it known as the Panoramic picture frames.

These are frames that are commonly used for horizontally formatted images. They are ideal for framing landscapes, sceneries, or a series of congruent images. They are often custom made to fit because there isn't a standard size for panoramic photos.

Some panoramic picture frames come in one long stretch while others are segmented. You can also use it vertically especially if you are framing elongated subjects like towers or statues. Commonly, this type of frame is made with just one long stretch but there are several other variants.

Making panoramic picture frames are not that much different from making your regular sized picture frames. It undergoes the same tedious process like measuring the image size, cutting and sanding the frames according to the image dimensions, and putting them together. The difference however, lies in the materials that you use.

Since panoramic picture frames are often long and narrow, the materials that will be used for the frames should be very sturdy. The wood, for example, should be rigid and hard. Using softer and thinner wood for the frames might cause it to bend and slope. This can be prevented by putting supports on the back of the frames.

There are many possible designs for your panoramic picture frames. Wooden frames are the most popular because they are relatively lightweight but at the same time very sturdy to support the height of the image. Wooden frames also come in many rich colors and others have matting too. They give off a very classy feel to your photograph .

Glass is another popular material for photo frames. It is very elegant and has a very modern feel to it. Some panoramic picture frames are very fragile and are quite dangerous to mount on the wall.

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You may also try using plastic. This material is also durable and it gives the same feel as when using glass panoramic picture frames. It is more secure as it does not easily break when dropped accidentally.

But whatever design or material you wish to use, you must remember that your frame must always complement your photograph. Use it to not only display your amazing shots but to protect them as well.

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