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All of our important times in life turn into memories. From baby showers to birthdays and anniversaries, weddings and baptisms all become a part of our memories and images.

One of the best ways to remember and recall these events is by the use of personalized photo frames. With your own special frame you can recall not just a single image but sometimes even a collage of images and memories.

These kinds of personalized photo frames come in all shapes and sizes. From small frames with your names or your Company names on them to large frames with everyone's special dates and inscriptions. One of the coolest kinds of personalized photo frames I have ever used was the picture mat we used at our wedding. It was a big frame surrounding a wedding photo of the two of us. On the big mat surrounding the photo there was space for all of our guests to write their name and a few kind words to us. It is now hanging in our home and is one of the nicest gifts we could have gotten.

Another nice kind of personalized photo frames are the ones that are engraved. These can be many types of metals like chrome or nickel but they will then be engraved with your own personal encryption. These can be very nice to display in all kinds of different homes and decor settings.

Some online companies like shutter-fly offer your own personalized photo frames that you can design online. Simply log in and click a few buttons and they can get you a frame that is unique to your own style and taste. How is that for modern technology?

When making the design unique do not forget about the picture involved. You can make the photo have a different color like maybe a gray scale for an older feeling to the photo to go with a nice frame or add some other color tones to give a warm feeling. Another way to add to the picture to make it part of the different personalized photo frames is to use a collage or collection of more than one photograph. With a lot of different photos from the same event you can give a large picture of the memories in one hanging picture. This can be a nice way to remember happy times. Another way to utilize a collage is to add in photos that follow a timeline. Let you imagination run wild!

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