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Using Picture Frame Moulding for Cost-effective Home Improvement Projects in Delhi,NCR

Adding picture frame moulding in your home’s walls is probably the most cost-efficient way to improve your property’s interiors. If you want to add a personal touch to your frame moulding, you can install it on your own instead of hiring a professional carpenter to do it for you. With proper planning and the right framing supplies, you can easily install an elegant frame molding in your home.

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Create your own design Start this home improvement project by designing the moulding that you want to install in your walls. Draw aPicture Frame Moulding sketch of the exact wall dimensions you will need for your frame moulding.

After preparing its dimensions, come up with a good layout that will complement your home decorations. Do you want a moulding with multiple frames or only one frame? Do you want to create plain squares or other shapes from your picture framing materials? Consider your woodworking capabilities while creating a layout for your Picture Frame Moulding.

Sketch the dimensions of the frames you want to add in your wall. This will help you determine the exact location where you want to add the moulding.

Choose the materials

Before installing the moulding into your walls, you need to choose between wood and metal for your frame moulding first.

Metal picture frames will look good on art photographs because of their sleek and slender look. They will also Picture Frame Mouldingallow the viewer’s eyes to focus on the framed art. However, metal frames will look better on contemporary houses than on homes with idyllic and rustic interior designs.

Meanwhile, wooden picture frame moulding effortlessly blends well with almost any kind of home decoration. It will look better in a traditional home because of its elegant and classy appeal.

Prepare the moulding

If you prefer to use wood for this project, look for the perfect wood type for your personalized picture frames. Sand it until its surface becomes smooth and even. Finish it with eye-catching stain or paint and wait until it is completely dry before cutting it.

Use a miter or table saw when cutting through the moulding. Set the saw to the recommended angle and cut the moulding according to the measurements you sketched in your layout. After completing the cuts for thePicture Frame Moulding entire frame, assemble them against a flat surface and make sure that all their joints fit correctly.

Hang the moulding

Use your layout for marking the location of your first wall moulding. Attach your picture frame moulding to the wall by using a powerful nail gun. A nail gun can reduce the possibility of producing splits in the wood and eliminates the need to touch up unsightly hammer marks

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Use wood putty for filling up the nail holes. After the putty dries up, sand the filled areas until they are even and smooth. Caulk the gaps between the corners of the moulding. If there are other gaps between the corners that connect the moulding to the wall, fill them with either caulk or putty, too.

Now that you already know how to install picture frame moulding, you can put your woodworking skills to the test and create artistic moulding frames for your home’s walls.

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