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Picture framing is not an easy to task to do. It takes a lot of skill and patience to be able to perfect the craft. Even cheap picture frames are made with precision. Every piece is carefully modelled to suit your framing needs.

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If you wish to learn about the art of picture framing and make your own custom made frames, then the firstPicture Framing Tools things you need to know about are the tools. Most framing supplies are easy to find in hardware stores. Here is a list of the things you will need:

1. Saw
A saw is a power tool that is used for cutting. There are different kinds of saws that you could use for framing. One is the typical wood saw. It has jagged edges to cut through even the thickest and hardest woods. You can also use a metal saw. This tool is equipped with finer and sharper serrated edges to cut through steel. A miter saw is handy for cutting angles on wood.

2. Router
Your picture framing tools should include a router. It is used to hollow out a specific are on your wood. This is usually used when creating the rabbet, the hollowed out part that cradles your glass and picture.

3.Wood glue
One of the most common picture framing tools is wood glue. This kind of adhesive is very sturdy when it dries. It is used to connect and permanently keep the wood pieces together.

4. Soldering iron
This is commonly used for metal picture frames since its primary use is to join two metal pieces together. It works by melting the solder so that it could fill the gaps between two metals thus sealing them together when it cools down.

5. Clamps
Clamps, as picture framing tools, are used to hold wood pieces together while waiting for the glue to dry. It keeps the wood from falling apart when the adhesive is still wet.

6. Sandpaper
Sandpaper is used for polishing any rough surfaces on the wood or removing rust on metal. The coarseness of the paper differs depending on the grit. Sometimes, you may also use electric drum sanders when refining the surface of the frames. This ensures even smoothness and it gets the job done faster.

7. Nails and screws
These tiny are used to strengthen the connections between pieces of the frame, especially the corners. You must use the smallest sized ones so that they remain discreet when used.

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8. Ruler
A ruler can be used for measuring every part of your picture frames. Aside from determining the size of the frame, this tool is also very important in creating straight lines and edges. Making frames requires precision so that every part fits perfectly.

9. Wall mount or back stand
The wall mount is like a hook or a string that is installed during the last stage of the framing process. The back stand, on the other hand, is placed using adhesives or nails. These picture framing tools are placed so that you can hang your frames on the wall or have them stand on a table.

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