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How to Make Your Own Poster Frames

Displaying poster prints or your very own framed art on the walls of your house can be a very good idea to add style in your living room. And a great way to exhibit them is through the use of poster frames. These kinds of frame are big enough to accommodate even odd sized articles like your autographed baseball jersey or a souvenir kimono from when you visit Japan. You could even use it to display that 5,000 piece puzzle that took you months to assemble. For whatever it is that you want to mount on your wall, poster frames could be a good solution.

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These kinds of frames, just like any ordinary photo frames, can be bought ready-made for your convenience. They come in different styles that suit any poster sized items like memorabilia or a portrait. They are very helpful in protecting and preserving the quality of the item even for a long time. However, there are not that many cheap picture frames of this size. They usually cost a lot because of the materials used. If you are on a tight budget, you can always make your own. Here are a few steps on how to make your poster frames:

1. Measure the size of your image. It is advisable to jot down the dimensions so that you won't forget and measure the image repeatedly.

2. Choose the right kind of wood. Make sure that it is thick enough to support the weight of the item you wish to frame. You must also take note of the wood you wish to use. It must complement your poster.

3. Cut the wood pieces according to the measurement of your image. It should be bigger on all the sides so that it could house the entire image. You must have two equal pieces for the height and two equal pieces for the width. Then using a miter saw, cut the all the inside edges of the wood, approximately half an inch wide and a quarter inch thick, at a 90 degree angle so that it will have a cradle for when you put the glass and the image. You must also cut angles on the wood ends for when you connect the four wood pieces together. Sand the edges to get a smooth surface.

4. Using wood glue put the poster frames together. Secure it with clamps or tape and leave them to dry overnight. Once dried, test for durability.

5. You can now put finishing on the wood. You may use wood varnish to give a glossy finish to your poster frames. You may also paint it to give it an extra layer of protection and a burst of color.

6. Lay the plexiglass on the back of the frame. The size of the glass should overlap the square hole of the frame so that it won't fall off.

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7. Place your image on top of the glass. Iron out the creases to make sure that the image is flat on the glass. Once satisfied, place the back covering and secure it with tiny bent nails.

8. Lastly, attach frame hooks or a sturdy string at the back of your poster frames and you can now hang it on your wall.

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